BUS 599 Week 2 M2D2

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  • BUS 599 Week 2 M2D2
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BUS 599 Week 2 M2D2

Companies always exist within a historical, cultural, and structural context. In looking at the history of the company you have chosen for your capstone project, how have external and internal environments shaped its successes and failures?

Following your initial review of the company you selected for your final project, what outcomes do you predict for your company in ten years?

Barnes and Noble has been forced to find ways to digitize their business. For example, as early as the 1980s the company experimented with selling books online. In 1997, they established an online book store through America Online (Barnes and Noble, 2015, Par. 7). Since then, the company has continued to integrate toward the online world including the purchase of...

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