BUS 499 Module 4 Case

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  • BUS 499 Module 4 Case
  • BUS 499 Module 4 Case
  • BUS 499 Module 4 Case
  • BUS 499 Module 4 Case
  • BUS 499 Module 4 Case
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As your case assignment for this module, you are to carefully review this article, and then (in 3-4 pages) prepare your analysis of how Futura Industries implemented the balanced scorecard and its apparent effects.

Assignment Expectations:Your analysis should be structured along the lines youve been using this far in these cases: Introduction: Why did Susan Johnson, Futura's President, emphasize the learning and growth perspective over the other balanced scorecard perspectives? Analysis: What specifically does Futura measure, and what types of measurements do they use to evaluate the company's learning and growth? Conclusion: Do you think these measures capture the full dimensions of the learning and growth perspective as explained in the background materials from this module as well as previous ones? Support your answer with examples and citations. Evaluation: What is your evaluation of Futura's approach? Does it make good business sense or do you think it could cause problems for the company? Agree or disagree with the issue, then defend your position. Use the readings done so far to decide whether the implementation was done well or poorly.

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