BKM1 Task 2 Executive

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  • BKM1 Task 2  Executive
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Executive Summary Name: Company: MyCompany Date

Company Information

  1. Mycompany provides healthcare products
    A. Product: Kamelon
  2. Weight loss supplement
  3. Overweight individuals who need assistance losing weight
  4. 90% success rate (possibly higher due to human error) B. Sales & Marketing
  5. Add product to website as well as place ads in health magazines
  6. Product is reasonably priced against the other weight loss supplement C. Financial Information & Projection
  7. Kamelons revenue was over a million dollars in the last year and is projected revenue in the next year is double that.
  8. Invest a 500,000 in the marketing of the product. D. Future Plan
  9. With the integration of ABC Company, it is projected to increase over revenue. With the increased revenue comes...

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