BAM 313 Introduction to Financial Management Unit Exam 4

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  • BAM 313 Introduction to Financial Management Unit Exam 4
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BAM 313 Introduction to Financial Management Unit Exam 4(Questions)

  1. A high degree of variability in a firm's earnings before interest and taxes refers to: a) business risk b) financial leverage c) operating leverage d) financial risk
  2. If a firm has no operating leverage and no financial leverage, then a 10% increase in sales will have what effect on EPS? a) EPS will increase by 10% b) EPS will remain the same c) EPS will increase by less than 10% d) EPS will decrease by 10%
  3. According to the moderate view of capital costs and financial leverage, as the use of debt financing increases: a) the cost of capital continuously increases b) there is an optimal level of debt financing c) the cost of capital remains constant d) the cost of capital continuously decreases
  4. The primary...

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