ART 101 Module 3 Case

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  • ART 101 Module 3 Case
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ART 101 Module 3 Case

Read about Monet's The Stroll, Camille Monet and Her Son Jean (Woman with a Parasol).

Write a three to five page paper addressing the following issues:

Based on your background readings, what do you know about Impressionism and Claude Monet?

Look at this painting up close. Describe what you see. Is it clear to you, or is it blurry?

Step away from your computer. Does the painting start to look different to you? How so? Is it clearer to you now? Specifically discuss how you perceive the light reflecting on the clouds and the grass, as well as the colors used in the painting, and how they relate to the Impressionist style.

Explain how the philosophy of Impressionism is illustrated in this painting.

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