ANT 250 I Module 2 SLP The Skeletal System

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  • ANT 250 I Module 2 SLP The Skeletal System
  • ANT 250 I Module 2 SLP The Skeletal System
  • ANT 250 I Module 2 SLP The Skeletal System
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ANT 250 I Module 2 SLP The Skeletal System


THEME of your SLP: Teaching your first Anatomy & Physiology course!

For your SLP, you have been asked to teach an anatomy and physiology course for a local vocational nursing school. In order to do this, you are going to need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation that will be used in your lectures.

In this second SLP, you will prepare a presentation consisting of 15 slides, in which you provide your audience with information on the following areas:

  1. Introduce the skeletal system

  2. Discuss the differences between compact and spongy bone

  3. List the bones of the cranium. What is the function of these bones and how are these bones connected to each other?

Don't forget--the speaker notes should be sufficient in depth and breadth to demonstrate to me that you understood the topics under consideration in this module!


Number of Slides: 15

Content of Slides: Your presentation should address each of the areas listed above.

Speaker Notes

Each slide will contain speaker notes sufficient to tell me what the purpose of each slide isspecifically, what you would say to a live audience that you were presenting your program to.

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