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  1. Complete a classroom observation in one of the seven settings where a student with special needs is included. Please remember: • You must observe during a language arts or mathematics lesson. • The setting you observe must have at least one English learner in the class. • Your observation must last a minimum of one hour.

  2. Settings • K-5 general education elementary classroom with students who are included • 6-8 general education middle school classroom with students who are included • 9-12 general education elementary classroom with students who are included • Special day class with students with mild/moderate disabilities • Special day class with students with moderate/severe disabilities • Resource specialist program • Learning/Intervention Center in a public school setting

  3. Please note: You must use the Classroom Observation form provided for you for this assessment. You can find the form in Course Resources, in the folder titled: Candidate Resources – Assignment Forms. Your paper must follow APA guidelines and must be in narrative form. It is not to be a list, except for the pre-observation data.
  4. Your Classroom Observation is due on Sunday evening of the second week of class. You must not use an observation you have completed for another class/assignment or completed before the beginning of this class.
  5. Pre-Observation Data: Please include each of the areas/topics below. You may add more information if you wish. (This section only may be in list form.) • Name • Date • Time in • Time out • Name of school and telephone number • Name of teacher and telephone number • Type of classroom/grade level • Number of general education students (non-exceptional) • Number of students with exceptionalities • Number of students who are English learners • Types of exceptionalities • Multicultural diversity/cultures represented

  6. Observation • Describe the classroom atmosphere • Describe the lesson/activity • Identify the Common Core Standards (for ELA and/or math) addressed in the lesson. • Describe the interactions among the students and with the teacher • Describe other personnel working in the classroom. Please describe who, what, when, where, etc. • Describe the behavior management program • Describe specialized instruction for English learners, i.e. SDAIE strategies

  7. Post Observation Reflection a. Complete the chart below. The strengths and challenges or weaknesses can be listed in bulleted fashion.

Strengths Noted Challenges to be Addressed

a. In paragraph format explain what you observed in the following:

• How does the environment (use of space, opportunities for choice, structuring time) nurtures thoughtful awareness of students with special needs? • How could the environment be altered to support more opportunities for ALL students? • How would you teach this class differently? • How could you improve the instruction? • What surprised you in the observation? • Did anything confuse you? • Additional comments?

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