MBA 502 Economic Analysis Paper General Motors Corporation [965 Words]

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  •  MBA 502 Economic Analysis Paper   General Motors Corporation [965 Words]
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MBA 502 Economic Analysis Papers Guidelines and Rubric

Company: General Motors Coporation


In this course, you will be working on economic analysis papers, all relating to a specific company of your choice. These papers are individual assignments. The purpose of these analysis papers is to provide an assessment that guides you in applying the course materials to real-world economic applications. These applications include collecting pertinent information, analyzing it, and making economic recommendations or decisions based on your analysis. The four papers you will be writing in this class are examples of ways business professionals use economic analysis to assess the performance of their companies and monitor and adjust to external influences.

The analysis contained in these papers will include information related to the demand, supply, and production of one to two products or services produced by the company that you choose. Your analysis will consider the current market structure of the industry in which the company operates. Once you complete an analysis of the firm’s microeconomic characteristics and performance, you will assess the macroeconomic forces and policy decisions that are impacting it. The papers for this course will be due in Module Three, Module Five, Module Eight, and Module Ten.

Course Outcomes

1.Prepare the MBA or MS student to advance onto other required or elective upper-level economics courses

2.Introduce the MBA or MS student to the basic microeconomic principles and decision science tools used by managers at various levels in a business organization

3.Introduce the MBA or MS student to the important macroeconomic principles and economic policy decisions


All papers must include a cover page and a reference page with at least three resources, cited using APA citations. Page length requirements: 2–3 pages, not including cover page and reference page. You must not only answer the questions in the Main Elements section (see below), but also apply course vocabulary and economic decision making in your papers.

Economic Analysis Paper One: Supply and Demand Analysis

Your first analysis paper is the supply and demand analysis. Using your company selection, complete the following Main Elements:

1.Identify two non-price variables such as customer income or demographics, advertising, prices charged for related goods or services, or interest rates that affect the demand for the products or services you identified in your selection.

2.How does each of the variables affect the quantity demanded?

3.Identify two non-price variables, such as wages paid to workers, energy cost, price of key inputs, or technology, that affect the supply of the products or services you identified in your selection.

4.How does each of the variables affect the quantity supplied?

5.Based on your analysis, describe the current market equilibrium for the industry.

6.Based on your analysis of the non-price demand and supply factors, what external conditions should managers be monitoring in order to predict future changes?

Text Book: Essentials of Business

Brue, McConnell, and Flynn, McGraw-Hill, third edition

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