HCS 535 Week 4 Public Health Survey [13 Slides + Speaker Notes]

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  •   HCS 535 Week 4 Public Health Survey [13 Slides +  Speaker Notes]
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University of Phoenix

HCS 535 Week 4 Public Health Survey

Concepts of Population Health - Assessment and Planning for Population Health

Resource:Public Health Survey grading criteria on the student website

Communities have different public health issues and concerns that must be addressed. An example of a specific application might include the Rural Healthy People 2010 Models for Practice, which is a compilation of best practices in addressing rural health concerns, as seen at

Choosea geographic community and describe ongoing health activities specific to identified health concerns.

Presenta 12- to 15-slide MicrosoftPowerPoint presentation that identifies a local public health issue and how it relates to nationally identified objectives by using the following criteria:

Identify sources of data the community uses to assess targeted determinants of health in support of these activities.

Describe the data collection standards used to determine population health concerns in this community, such as disease definition, specified populations, and defined time periods.

Describe how the data sources could be used to determine the focus of health care in the community individual or the whole population including implications for targeted populations.

Identify accurate data sources that support the community focus on the topics identified.

Referenceyour readings and at least five peer-reviewed articles.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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